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Orbeus is a computer vision company that empowers computers to see better than humans. We are the first and only company to provide a proprietary cloud-based image analysis solution that makes sense of faces, scenes and objects all together.


Rekognition is an open API platform provided by Orbeus, which helps developers easily incorporate the state-of-the-art computer vision capabilities of facial recognition, object recognition and scene understanding into your app or software. Go to Rekognition.com and check out your all-in-one solution for image processing in the cloud!

Media Coverage:

Orbeus Launches Visual Recognition (But Not Creepy Facial Recognition) APIs For Google Glass

Google took swift action to ban Google Glass applications with facial recognition capabilities recently, following the launch of an API which would have allowed developers to build apps that could identify the faces of people who a Glass wearer encountered.

Today, however, another company called Orbeus is launching its own face and scene detection API platform ReKognition for Glass, which sidesteps the privacy issues at hand...

Smart Glasses Service Dodges Google's Face Recognition Ban

A new Google Glass service can detect the gender, age and emotions of people's faces as they appear in photos or video taken by Google's smart glasses. But the service avoids Google's recent ban on facial recognition technology by not connecting faces to personal identities.

The "ReKognition" service launched on June 12 by offering the tools to build apps for reading faces in photos without compromising individual privacy...

Five Startups That Stood Out at Excelerate’s Demo Day

Chicago’s Excelerate Labs held its annual demo day on Wednesday, trotting out the 10 fledgling companies that underwent its intensive accelerator program this summer.

At the end of the program the companies receive $50,000 grants from Chicago’s New World Ventures, as well as the chance to pitch to 200 angel and early-stage venture capital investors from the Midwest and other regions of the country...

Orbeus Trains Machines To Recognize Faces, Emotions, Broccoli

Today, the founders of Orbeus presented their system at Chicago-based accelerator Excelerate Labs' demo day, showing off a machine that can detect everything from emotions and gender to objects and scenes, and logos and products.

By mining an ever-growing database of images, the Orbeus team can teach its machine-learning algorithm to recognize myriad photo features and categories...

Orbeus helps computers to know what they see

Orbeus Inc. has developed technology that helps computers see like humans. It provides a cloud-based visual computing solution that makes sense of faces, scenes and objects together.

Orbeus provides its technology to developers who use it to build software and apps that can use the data extracted from images in photos and video.This information can be used to better target ads and...

Looking for a Face.com API replacement? Try ReKognition.

Many moons ago I blogged about a cool API that provided facial recognition. Unfortunately, Facebook bought them and their API is shutting down. A few services have sprung up in its place, one of them being the ReKognition API.

They offer a metered REST-based API that supports face recognition and training. You can sign up for free and use their service in a metered fashion. Even better, you can use their API via JavaScript in CORS-enabled browsers. What I find most interesting though is their scene recognition API...